Rambutan FAQ


How much is shipping?


Shipping is free for all Team Buying Orders!


If your buying Team is incomplete, or you wish to place an individual order, during our Pilot Program we will charge you a flat rate shipping fee of $99.00 for delivery within Southern Ontario.


What is your return policy?


We will offer you a full refund for any damaged or defective products.


To request a refund, we will ask you to document any damage and send your request to support@rambutan.co within 3 business days of your order delivery. 


You will be liable for any return shipping costs. On confirmation of your return request, we will organize shipment and send you the required documentation. The cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.


Can I cancel my order?


You can request to cancel your order for a full refund within 3 days of receiving your order confirmation, or if your order has not shipped yet.


What is a Buying Team?


A Buying Team is a group of construction professionals, or DIY enthusiasts in your region that are purchasing home finishings and fixtures in the same time period.


When your order is grouped with others, Rambutan is able to use your combined buying power to reach out to our network of suppliers and secure wholesale discounts never seen at big box retailers.


Our goal is to assemble the largest buying team possible,so that every team member gets the most buying power and deepest discounts for their purchase.

If you have an order over $2500.00 CAD, before taxes, that qualifies as a Buying Team and we can offer you free shipping and deep discounts without coordinating with other buyers.


Can I contact members of my buying team?


Members of your Buying Team are 100% anonymous. We take your privacy seriously and no one in the same buying team will be able to see the amount, products or location of other orders.


Why am I receiving multiple quotes?


During our Pilot Program, we are only operating in Ontario, and it can take us a bit longer to build a buying team, but we will always send you a quote within 3 business days.


Think of the first quote that we send you as a first offer. It’s the lowest price we can get for you at the time of your quote request. If you can wait a little bit longer, we can build you a larger buying team.


Once we have assembled a larger buying team, we will send you another quote that reflects the buying power of your new team, and the deep discounts you deserve. If that quote expires, we will continue to include you in other buying teams and sending you great offers.


Why does it take 5 business days to confirm my Team Buying Order?


We understand that plans change, and sometimes members of your buying team will have to cancel their order. When this happens, the buying power and discounts available for your purchase can change. 


Rambutan is constantly building ​multiple buying teams, and in the event someone in your buying team needs to cancel, we can easily find a replacement. 

In the unlikely event that multiple members of your buying team cancel their order, and we can't secure you the quoted discount, you will be automatically refunded for your order, and we will continue to send you great offers.